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    We, teachers, foster the intrinsic motivation with our learners, when we take their three basic psychological needs – namely, their need for autonomy, belongingness, and competence – into account.

    In what way, as a teacher, do you support the autonomy of your learners? Share your experiences and examples!

    for instance:

    “I let learners explain things to the other learners.”

    “When learners don’t know the meaning of a word, I don’t give a translation to them, but let them themselves derive the word’s meaning, giving them clues.”

    “I don’t give straightforward corrected texts back to them, but mark the places in their text where things should be corrected. I then let them copy their own text and correct it themselves.”

    “I let them look up things themselves.”

    In what way do you foster belongingness with your learners and within the group of learners. Share your experiences and examples!

    for instance:

    “I show authentic interest in their country of origin and in the world they inhabit now.”

    “I show empathy for their situation, and listen before I judge.”

    “I distribute my attention over all my learners.”

    “I show respect.”

    In what way do you support the feeling of competence of your learners? How do you offer them a predictable environment in which they have the feeling they master their learning process, versus feeling lost. Share your experiences and examples!

    for instance:

    “My lessons often have a similar, predictable structure.”

    “I make time for individual, positive feedback.”

    “I give a clear insight in how the learners will be assessed.”

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