Using Portfolios as a Motivation Tool in Adult Education

What is this session?

Portfolios are an instrument from arts, aiming at displaying an array of evidence to show the artist’s best work and skills and to assess artistic intelligences. Mostly since the 90’s its use has been studied and introduced as an innovative tool to register and assess learning in different grades, from pre-school to university, with various objectives and forms, but always providing autonomy and context to the learning process. Nowadays, portfolios can be built in different formats: material (paper, file, etc.), digital (allowing for media contents to be introduced and others) or both. We propose analysing and structuring portfolios in adult education as a tool to motivate learners, to value their competences and skills, considering all the learnings acquired throughout their lives in formal, non-formal and informal situations and to boost their self-esteem and self-awareness.


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