Achievements and Possibilities

Now Ruz = new day

Traditional Persian feast

20th or 21st March – start of the spring in the Northern hemisphere

miz haft sin (‚seven s table’) = table with seven items starting with the letter ‚sin’:

  • sib (apple)! ! ! health
  • sabze (grass)! ! ! nature
  • senjed (sea-buckthorn)! ! wisdom!
  • serkeh (vinegar)! ! ! satisfaction
  • samanu (a special sweet paste)! power and bravery
  • somaq !! ! ! patience and tolerance
  • sir (garlic)! ! ! contentment” “

Other items can include: ayyeneh (mirror); goldfish; Quran, Shahnameh or Hafez; sham’dan (candle sticks); decorated eggs…

This quiz consists of seven questions, and leads to seven goals for your coming year…