Newsletter 04

What You’ve Missed So Far!

 We enjoyed the Training course with Adult Learners and with all the partners which took place in Beja, Portugal in March 2019.

This training aimed to test validation portfolio activities developed by each partner country. The partnership has discussed how to improve their validation portfolio as a tool to recognise and validate competencies acquired through non-formal and informal learning. Users can get involved to learn more about validation through Portfolio and other tools and theories by engaging on platform which gathers interactive activities addressed to adult practitioners, educators and trainers. The partnership held the 3rd Transnational Meeting in Stockholm between the 12th and 15th May 2019 in order to evaluate previous activities and discuss the next steps regarding the finalisation of the I-Motole platform. The platform aims to share tools with adult educators (teachers, trainers, facilitators…) to increase intrinsic motivation to learn. Moreover, the platform is a space where professionals and educators have the possibility to introduce their work. Users can engage around themes available on the platform such as motivation and learning.

Check out a Facebook publication about this training course. Currently, partners are working on the recommendations for policymakers and how they can use theories to help learners to validate their skills and experiences. 

So what’s next?

Next phase of I-Motole will be the local final conferences (one in each country) and the European final conference in Antwerp, Belgium on the 24th October 2019, partners will invite all stakeholders, practitioners and learners to take part in this conference and to share project’s results, practice and the innovative methodologies developed.
 Online booklet of recommendations also will be shared on I-Motole website.

To know more information about the final conference and how can you take apart please contact the organisation in your country.

The I-Motole partnership is constituted of :