Project Outcomes

Needs Analysis & Analysis of Good Practice   This research aims to develop the first step in the i-Motole project, the partnership will conduct research into students’ perceptions and teacher behaviour regarding motivation.  ; during this time each partner will also research into student behaviour in their respective organisations. In order to do this, partners will access all possible data at their disposal, and where necessary and possible conduct a frank and honest discussion with ex-students who have dropped out, recording carefully all the evidence received, through notes and video evidence. Led by CEPA “LOS LLANOS”, Spain.
Training Package for Educators in Adult Education to Develop Intrinsic Motivation   Led by Inspira +; The development of new curricula will take into consideration the results of the first research and the current practices employed by the surveyed adult learning institutions and aim to complement them by adding a motivation angle to attract students and improve student retention. Furthermore, provisions will be made to allow for a blended model approach, whereby the curricula design will focus on traditional classroom learning, as well as virtual learning potential, including video recorded lectures and collaborative learning.

Led by Inspira +, FYOM

Validation of Competences Portfolio
  The partnership will carry out an in depth Research on Validation needs and methodology. The partnership will develop a structured Portfolio that can serve different needs and contexts and be easy to use and relevant to adult learners. Led by ANI; France
Action Plan with 10 recommendations   The partnership will finalise the evaluation of each IO and the International learning activities in order to be able to identify areas of improvement at local, regional and international level.

Led by the CVO LBC-NVK Sint-Niklaas, Belgium.

Interactive Portal   The online I-Motole platform, will gather Open educational resources (OER) addressed to animators, educators, trainers whose aim is to share tools around the question of engaging learning and motivation.

The OER therefore has the potential to turn into a space where professionals / educators have the possibility to use the internet to introduce their work in a numeric and one of a kind way.

Indeed, OER will not only be a resume. It will be a selection of rich ressources through which users can engage around themes available on the platform (motivation, learning). Although testimonies and members’ experiences are likely to vary, ideas and results obtained through discussion platforms and other various media environments will put an accent on group work lead by a trainer and the using of social media to build a personal learning network. Led by MEH, UK