7 – Authoritative teacher style

Topic Progress:

* autonomy support
e.g. the learner has a say in determining the learning objectives and strategies; or, the teacher makes the learner see the importance of the learning objectives, so that the learner gradually takes over the objectives (internalisation) and takes the responsibility for it

* responsiveness (or engagement):
the quality of the interpersonal relation between the teacher and her learners; the teacher is ‚tuned into’ the learners and makes with pleasure and devotion/attachment time for them; expressing affection, showing sincere interest, empathy, warmth and care
> the learners take over the objectives of the teacher, until they pursue them voluntarily

* structure = support for competence
e.g. optimal challenges, setting guidelines so that tasks can be performed well, expressing and explaining clear expectations, regular informative (constructive) feedback, consistently offering individualized help
> the learners have the experience that they master their learning process
<> inconsistent, unpredictable